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LuckyWeLiveHere.com is managed and based in the islands. We are an online Hawaii directory guide that captures the beauty and aloha that the 808 state has to offer. The pages throughout this website is full of valuable information provided by our communities who are an eclectic mix of both locals and visitors who want to put Hawaii on the map.

This website was created to provide a comprehensive Hawaii directory without all the “fluff”. Google searches can help you in planning where and how to spend your time, but can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed. Local media does not give much exposure to businesses and attractions that don’t invest in advertising and many directory sites are filled with intrusive ads, popups, and inaccurate information. In addition, many directory sites also profit off of business to business advertising competition, which can tip the scales and present biased recommendations.

We aim to fill a niche to support Hawaii businesses and attractions. This site does not generate revenue from ad farming, pay-per-click models or other third party advertisers. We would like your experience with LuckyWeLiveHere.com to be fun and hassle-free as possible. We truly value your support and certainly hope that you would recommend us to others.

With the many already established directory sites out there, you might be wondering – “Why Lucky?”

LuckyWeLiveHere.com is all about the local experience in Hawaii. Whether you are living local or traveling like a local we aim to provide a comprehensive directory of the best experiences that are exclusive to the islands in a beautiful and functional Hawaii directory.

The listings you find on this site are specially selected by submissions by those who live in Hawaii or those who have enjoyed your services, products, or community. But if you don’t see your listing on the site yet, feel free to add a listing, it’s free!

Please note, that to be listed on this website you must be based in Hawaii. However, exceptions will be made for online shops that have a significant connection to the islands and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

If your listing in on this site – then you’re doing something right! The listings that appear on this site are NOT generated from a generic third-party data provider or service. The listings that we host are specially curated from business owners and specific recommendations by your customers and visitors. We want to recognize the places that add unique value to their communities.

Certainly! Just use the “Report Listing” form found on your listing or contact us at aloha@luckywelivehere.com. Once we are able to verify the information the listing will be updated.

While we understand that some business owners might prefer to keep a low profile, it is important for consumers to be able to find and share helpful information about great local businesses. Because the information is typically a matter of public record and public concern we don’t remove such information from the site.

However, if your listed business has seized operations, please use the “Report Listing” form found on the listing or contact us at aloha@luckywelivehere.com. Once we are able to verify the information your listing will be updated.

Yes…and no. Your listing on this site serves as free advertising for you. You are welcome to share your listing through any mediums of your choice. However, we do not offer exclusive or premium placement at this time, nor do we sell additional advertising space and/or banners.

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